SSgt Raymond Gonzalez (USAF-SEP) has worked the streets of New York City as an Emergency Medical Technician, chased bad guys with the New York City Housing Police Department and explored the world as a Flight Medic with the United States Air Force. After serving his country, he pursued his entrepreneurial goals owning car dealerships in the Saint Louis Metro East, Southern IL region.

He lives in Plymouth, MA, has worked remotely for Shop.com deploying eCommerce enabled websites and social media solutions for small businesses and recently stood up the Business Development Center for Honda of Plymouth.

Currently he is the Massachusetts Veteran Program Coordinator for Vantage Mobility International and founder of the American Wheelchair Van Society connecting disabled warriors with State, Federal and Private funding for the purchase of specially adapted wheelchair vans in Boston, MA. His work has afforded the heroes of Massachusetts the independence and mobility they deserve.

#lol #funny #trick

#lol #funny #trick

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How To Recover From Last Night’s Party

By David O’Brien

It’s the morning after and you feel like you’ve just been through a highball hurricane. Did you have a little too much to drink last night? Is your head throbbing like a bitch? There are a million remedies out there. Here’s the best way to clear your head and fix that hangover.

Deep Breaths

Your lungs are probably congested with tiny smoke particles. Blow them out by taking a deep breath and holding it for five seconds, then exhale completely. Do this about fifteen times to allow oxygen to flow into your body.

Drink Up

Any consumption of alcohol or tobacco can reduce mineral levels in your body. Drinking water may help you flush out the toxin; but a better choice is a sports drink. Sport drinks such as Gatorade and PowerAde are chalked full of electrolytes that help replenish and restore muscular and nerve function to their normal levels.


Your body is full of harmful toxins and a good way to fight them is with a does of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are natural substances that destroy free-radical molecules that are attacking and weakening your body. Taking grape seed extract tablets and multi-vitamins will help your body return to normal functioning.

Chow down

If you don’t feel queasy, try eating a meal or a mild snack. The food doesn’t actually absorb the alcohol, like many believe. Instead, it may just help you to stay energized and help the remaining alcohol metabolize at a faster rate.

Coffee Bad

Stay away from any caffeinated beverages (this includes coca-cola), since they are diuretic (A substance or drug that tends to increase the discharge of urine) and will aggravate dehydration. So put down the java and opt for orange juice.

Get Physical

Your body needs some blood flow to help break down the toxins. Start by doing 5 minutes of light aerobic. Light jogging, sit-ups, jumping jacks, even stretching will increase your circulation and metabolism.

Get Rest

Call in sick. Tell them you have the stomach flu; they’ll believe you because you sound horrible. There’s no sense suffering at work, besides your body needs the rest. Stay and bed and try to sleep for a couple of hours.

Cold Cleansing

Get your muscles to contract with a nice cold shower. It awakens the nervous system and pushes toxins out from your contracting muscles.

Avoid hot showers. Heat is the enemy when you’re hungover. Though it may sound soothing, the hot water can cause your blood vessels to swell, making your already painful headache extremely agonizing!

Preemptive strike

If you know you’re going to be hitting it hard at the bar. Here are a few things you should do to prevent the future pains.

Take a tablet

Popping 400mg of ibuprofen or 650 mg of aspirin an hour before the beer bash will help suppress headache-inducing hormones.

Eat Smart

Before you hit the club, have a high protein meal with some fat. Foods such as nuts and soybean products are proven to slow down alcohol absorption.

Drink Smart

Your liver can breakdown alcohol at a rate of about one drink per hour, so try to space them accordingly. You’re body weight plays a factor too. If you’re a 150 lbs guy, don’t have more than 6 drinks during 6 hours of partying. Follow each alcoholic beverage with the same amount of water.

Alcohol flushes fluids, dehydrating the body and magnifying other hangover symptoms like headache and tiredness. Try to drink water the night before, both as you’re drinking booze and before you go to bed. This will help lessen the pain of the next day’s hangover.

Until the next hangover…


Source: raymondgonzalez.com
I’m tall, dark and fantastic in the morning!

I’m tall, dark and fantastic in the morning!


Source: raymondgonzalez.com