SSgt Raymond Gonzalez (USAF-SEP) has worked the streets of New York City as an Emergency Medical Technician, chased bad guys with the New York City Housing Police Department and explored the world as a Flight Medic with the United States Air Force. After serving his country, he pursued his entrepreneurial goals owning car dealerships in the Saint Louis Metro East, Southern IL region.

He lives in Plymouth, MA, has worked remotely for Shop.com deploying eCommerce enabled websites and social media solutions for small businesses and recently stood up the Business Development Center for Honda of Plymouth.

Currently he is the Massachusetts Veteran Program Coordinator for Vantage Mobility International and founder of the American Wheelchair Van Society connecting disabled warriors with State, Federal and Private funding for the purchase of specially adapted wheelchair vans in Boston, MA. His work has afforded the heroes of Massachusetts the independence and mobility they deserve.

What can social media do for your company?

What can social media marketing do for your business?
Take a quick closer look at these popular digital channels, and the benefits will be clear!

Save Time & Cash while Targeting a Diverse Market
Some of the Web’s most popular social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In) are free services. That means any business can establish an account, advertise and interact on these networks without draining its marketing budget or sacrificing valu- able spare time.
The result? Increased customer retention and a broader customer base!

According to recent reports, 55.6 million U.S. adults log in to a social network at least once a month. These individuals range drastically in age, income level, profession and interests. The far-reaching market potential speaks for itself!
But to reach the ideal audience for your business, you have to know how to effectively leverage each social networking site. Our dedicated Social Media Marketing specialists can guide you through the social marketing process to help your business thrive on these popular sites.

How it Works: Driven by Content
Social Networking sites function via the organic flow of information and ideas that naturally occur through friends and peers online. On sites like Facebook, when someone becomes a “fan” or joins a group, the user’s list of friends is alerted through a news feed. This feed displays interactions between the member and other users, along with product or service recommen- dations they share with their list of friends.

You can see where this is going…
If someone patronizes your business, and then uses a social network to discuss their experience (perhaps even posting a link to your Web site!), all of their friends can view that information. Those users would then perform a search for your business or click on the link to visit your Web site and learn more.

The key is to provide content that visitors and fans are compelled to share with their friends, thus generating a steady stream of traffic to your business. Videos, discussions, articles of interest, and direct interaction will encourage your Social Network contacts (friends, followers and fans) to check out your content and spread the word about you throughout their own social circles.

Large companies use social media to humanize their organization and let their customers feel truly involved. But you don’t have to run a massive corporation to accomplish the same results. We can help you plan a Social Media Marketing strategy that will draw traffic and generate word-of-mouth advertising!

Let’s take a look at the major social networks and see how they can be used to your advantage:

In 2007, Facebook opened the door for business promotion and interaction by enabling busi- ness accounts. This set forth an evolution in the field of online marketing. Today, Facebook is one of the most well-known social networking sites in operation.

With over 500 million unique active accounts, Facebook is used primarily for friends and family to connect in a user-customized environment. Users share everything from videos to games; from photos to links. Facebook members can also communicate with each other by posting on features known as “walls” – essentially, these are message boards and news feeds rolled into one source.
Facebook Business Pages facilitate the use of special applications located on tabs that business owners can customize to suit their needs. Possible application tabs for your Facebook Business Page include Photos, Videos, Events, Reviews, Discussion Boards, and many others. Facebook is very useful for spreading news to your contacts about new products and online or in-store events. Facebook’s discussion feature is a great way to directly converse with – and get feed- back from – your customers. It’s an effective method to build and spread brand awareness.

Launched in 2006, Twitter is a popular “microblogging” service that allows users to post short messages (up to 140 characters) from anywhere via their computer or mobile device. Their mes- sage, or “tweet,” is then sent directly to followers via text message, IM, or third-party application. Many business owners use Twitter to promote special deals or upcoming events. In fact, some companies even create exclusive offers available only to their Twitter followers.

In addition to the more well-known social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), many social networks exist for specialized demographics. Whatever your industry or area of interest, there’s probably a dedicated niche market for you! Cornering a niche market is a great way to meet new business contacts in your specific field and sell directly to those most interested in your products or services.

Blogging, a popular practice for many businesses today, is a proven method for securing return site traffic. If you write – or “blog” – about topics that are of particular interest to your customer base, they’ll return to your site regularly. When they come back to check your blog, they’ll also discover special offers or new products featured on your site! In many cases, casual site visitors decide to make an impulse purchase while they browse features like blogs. That’s why giving customers a reason to visit your site regularly is always a smart choice!

There’s a saying in online marketing: Content is King. Your goal, then, is to use content in a way that connects you with target markets. With a well-developed social media strategy that inte- grates YouTube, a Facebook Business Page, Twitter and blogs, activating your digital customer base is an easy – and even enjoyable – process!

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