SSgt Raymond Gonzalez (USAF-SEP) has worked the streets of New York City as an Emergency Medical Technician, chased bad guys with the New York City Housing Police Department and explored the world as a Flight Medic with the United States Air Force. After serving his country, he pursued his entrepreneurial goals owning car dealerships in the Saint Louis Metro East, Southern IL region.

He lives in Plymouth, MA, has worked remotely for Shop.com deploying eCommerce enabled websites and social media solutions for small businesses and recently stood up the Business Development Center for Honda of Plymouth.

Currently he is the Massachusetts Veteran Program Coordinator for Vantage Mobility International and founder of the American Wheelchair Van Society connecting disabled warriors with State, Federal and Private funding for the purchase of specially adapted wheelchair vans in Boston, MA. His work has afforded the heroes of Massachusetts the independence and mobility they deserve.

LinkedIn Tip of the day | Russ Ventura

Linkedin Tip - - Using Tags, Notes and Exporting Contacts

On Linkedin, there are some great ways to keep track of your contacts. And since I have a terrible memory, I love these tricks! Is anyone else using tags, notes or exporting contacts? 

• TAGS: Create and edit tags on your contacts for tracking and email options (i.e. create a tag category for students you have met, guest speakers that have come to your events, recruiters, etc.). New tags can easily be added/created on your contacts page. 

• NOTES: Add in details about how you met someone. I feel like I forget people’s names and how I met them too quickly, so I love this quick tool (located on the contact person’s profile, lower right hand side). Also, go to “edit notes” to add in additional details. For example, for one alumni guest speaker, I added in the note about who his HR person is and what her email address is. That way I don’t loss track of it! 

• EXPORTING CONTACTS: You can export or download your contacts into an Excel spreadsheet. This can be done via the contacts tab at the bottom of the page. I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

by: Russ Ventura

Source: raymondgonzalez.com

Teaching Assistant, Workshop Lesson Plan co-creator and Social Media Marketing GURU at the Plymouth Career Center, Plymouth, MA!

I want to take this opportunity to commend Ray for his assistance in the aforementioned areas. He has only been ‘on-board’ for a short time but already is having quite an impact on the overall course of our workshops. He immediately ‘Stepped Up’ when asked to become a ‘Volunteer Teaching Assistant’ in our LinkedIn & Massachusetts Job Quest/Bank workshops. Ray has ‘Ramped Up Quickly’ from the first meeting we had. He has taken on more responsibility in the LinkedIn Advanced phase as well. His true expertise is starting to blossom and I know I will be embellishing this baseline recommendation in the near future. He is now in the midst of working with another Volunteer to create a LinkedIn HyBrid workshop. He has and continues to provide countless hours of his personal time, and professional expertise in the aforementioned subject matter. The main classroom where he tutors & instructs has a Smart Board and laptops for the 14 Veterans/ Customers. The larger classroom where he instructs usually has 25+ in attendance. His social media marketing expertise is not matched by ANY other customer I work with. His leadership and soft teaching style is just the tip of his positive personality traits. His efforts provide our cutomers a ‘ramp up’ with these all important ‘Tools in the Job Search Tool Box’. Further, these workshops have provided our members with an efficient process in which to conduct Virtual Networking through LinkedIn and How to navigate through the State of Mass. job search system (MJQ) for new jobs/positions. He is a sponge when it comes to new material. He locks on in the first pass! I have watched my ideas of expanding cutomer job search knowledge through the expansion of our ever increasing job search workshop offerings. Networking, personal and virtual, is now a big part of those offerings. Ray continually creates, in his low key way, a togetherness and social interaction that has spurred on a genuine camaraderie in a positive learning environment. Customer Networking and Job Search capabilities have expanded exponentially. Further, his instruction has provided our members with an enthusiastic attitude which has been observed in their more strident approach to achieve positive results in a timely fashion. He has brought great respect upon himself by the professional manner in which he conducts himself. I take great pride in saying ‘Thank You’! I commend him on a job Well Done! Best Regards, Mike Kelley Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) Plymouth Career Center 36 Cordage Park Circle, Suite 200 Plymouth, MA 02360 508-732-5309 mkelley@detma.org February 10, 2012


Mike Kelley
Veterans Employment Representative/Job Specialist (LVER)
Plymouth Career Center

worked directly with Raymond at Vet Net Plymouth

Source: linkedin.com